Personal Payday loan: know reasons for you to have

Low you can have a card specially designed for you, which allows you to control your expenses, with automatic discount of the invoice and better payment conditions.

Learn more about Payday card and how to use your money in the best way.

The Personal Payday Card

The Personal Payday Card

The consigned card is the credit card that serves both retirees and pensioners of the INSS, as well as public servants. Like traditional cards, it allows you to buy products and services , in cash or in the future, in addition to allowing installments.

In this card mode, the minimum amount of the invoice is deducted from the client’s own benefit, without incurring more than 5% of the total amount of the rent.

This card model is offered by reliable and credible banking institutions accredited by the Central Bank of Brazil, which have been in the market for many years.

Do consigned cards have the same flag?

Do consigned cards have the same flag?

There is no dedicated flag for consigned cards. They vary depending on the Bank issuing the card. Usually flags are the most used in the market, such as Visa and MasterCard.

The flag allows your card to be accepted in several establishments, in different parts of the world. That’s right: the consigned card is international!

reasons to have a consigned card

reasons to have a consigned card

No annuity

You do not have to pay fees to keep your paycheck card, like the other credit card arrangements in the market. So save your money to invest in other projects.

Online monitoring

With the rush of everyday life, people want to optimize their time. Therefore, banks invest in their own applications , which allow them to carry out financial transactions in a practical and safe way. This way, you can track your balance and invoices from anywhere, in a few clicks. In addition, you can set up to receive an alert every time your card is used. So, you follow closely and guard against possible fraud.

Low interest rates

The Personal Payday card interest rates are the lowest on the market when compared to conventional card rates. According to statistics from the Central Bank of Brazil, interest rates on Personal Payday cards averaged 3% a month, while conventional cards varied by around 20%, according to data released in January / 2019.

International card

The consigned card has an international function, that is, it can also be used in other countries, to make your purchases, without the application of exorbitant interest rates. So you can travel more peacefully and shop at any store that accepts the flag of your card.